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by Dizzy Bats

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released January 31, 2013

Dizzy Bats
Connor Frost :: Vocals and Guitar
David Castillo :: Bass

Featured Musicians:
Steven Buttery:: Percussion [5]
Erik Caldarone:: Guitar (5)
Jamie Crain:: Vocals [2, 5]
Kyle Joseph:: Guitar (1, 4, 5)
Michael Scharf:: Vocals (2)
Andrew Stein-Zeller (5)

All songs written by Connor Frost

Recorded at the Gallery Recording Studio LLC in Brooklyn, NY and Connecticut College in New London, CT
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Jonathan Markson (

Album Art by Andrea Scharf (



all rights reserved


Dizzy Bats New York, New York

Dizzy Bats is a New York City Pop Punk band started in the summer of 2011. Influenced by punk outfits out of the late 90s and early 2000s, they use power chords over heavily-picked basslines and infectious melodies as a vehicle for fun, energetic, Power Pop. Dizzy Bats boast an honest reflection on times past and the everyday angst that comes with being a twentysomething. ... more

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Track Name: Tell Me (Acoustic)
Tell me when to start the show, 'cause you're feelin'
Like a first step child with nowhere not to go
Tell me when your mic is on
Cause you're tapping
Check 1, check 2, check 3, call "bingo"

Tell me when to shout your name
I can't see you through the dark bright lights of hopefully fame
Tell me when to count it off, cue the intro
Say 1, 2, 3, 4 go

Can't count any longer to this nine o' clock curtain call
Can't stroll anymore on this butterflies walk

Tell me when you start to sing sweet nothings
Ear left, whose right, who cares change the power chord
Tell me when to take a bow
Prepare the encore
Take your shot, lighter up she says let's play one more

As we're breaking down, will you share one more verse with me
'Cause there's no greater love than hearing your words

As we move on
Can we see through this thick blanket of dark fog
尚未希望,hope to prepare for this new loosening strong hold
And we'll tell no more lies, no longer pretend
Track Name: Where Are the Children (Acoustic)
Where are the children who are innocent and worthy?
Love ones lost in a mountain once real
Where are the children, who laughed, cried, and sang out
They are silent, confused, and afraid

Are we all forgotten, or is the answer not so simple?
So many questions, when will this all be done?

Forgive her one day, as she forgives those lost fanatics?
Though she is tempted, to take on hate and fight
And where's the devoted, who caused her dreams to crumble?
Way down to the ground with no windows left in sight

She's ten years away from that longest every school day She'll never forget where she was and where she's going
Track Name: My Aphrodite, Will You Write Me
Appendix, no longer
Six nights to the day, said I couldn't stay
Thank Jesus

Tie off my IV, give me my morphine
Please trip me away, tumble down to her place
Thank you, Jesus

Hear my cry, get me out
Of this dark walkabout
Down bradhurst tonight to land this laid over flight
Thanks to all who stayed on board
We're going home

I miss her, long to kiss her
It's only been weeks, since that day we did meet
Still can't shake this

My Aphrodite, will you write me?
No need for balloons or a large teddy bear
Just soundwaves

I take, you give, I refuse hope
Press once, press twice, my angel's time
And see your light face through clouds drowse and weak
Was this due to my dark, hasty delight?
Track Name: Please Stall (Acoustic)
Vibrate instead of ringtone
I feel this
Deafening shake of the phone
With no more lyin'
We commence the cryin'
As her river flows like so

I wish I knew it would be
The last goodbye
I would have taken my sweet time
But as those few weeks for passing
Were we procrastinating
In order to hold onto that final phone call

Please stall

Hey you get out of that bed
The sun's come up
Let's drink to the life that we led
And as we chug this grief, I can't find the beat
Until the orchestra reaches my ear

As I write this breakup song
Can't help but wonder what went wrong
Never cold but never warm
Not once did walk out through slammed door
Though I can't go down the stairs
To sit in your ugly red chair
Wish the best bid you good life
The past has gone future so bright
Track Name: This Lovely Dancer (Live)
Wake up on Saturday to the apartment's fresh decay
As I breathe this Hartford air, exhale away this perfect pair
I see her standing next to me only in this recurring dream
Where I see my late dog Zack, kept by the love who brought him back

He simply nods and asks that cliched question
What is your job and purpose of your life
Can't say but for now
These kids teach me of our brutal society

Can I please buy you a drink
Seven words I'd never think to say
No I don't believe it's you
It's on me for not buying two
It doesn't matter 'cause I'm spent
Six dollar shots go straight to bed
Once again I hear his roar, except this time I hit the floor

Oh then he says Who cares you've got your music
That's so much more than lieutenant Johnny can say
There's no fucking point
To play these meaningless games of therapy

Oh we cannot wait for us to finally grow up
But this lovely dancer's time has come today
As I think back again
How could she be so young and I so fortunate