by Dizzy Bats

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released August 26, 2014

Dizzy Bats (

Connor Frost :: Vocals / Guitars / Bass [6] / Trumpet [3] / Organ [1]
Kyle Joseph :: Guitars
Eric Segerstrom :: Drums

David Castillo:: Bass [1, 4, 7, 8, 9] / Organ [9]
Dave Ma:: Bass [2, 3, 5]
Jared Sochinsky:: Guitars [2, 3]

Songs written by Connor Frost
Recorded at Cowboy Technical in Brooklyn, NY and Jared's Apartment in Park Slope, BK
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Kyle Joseph (kylegjoseph at gmail dot com)
Mastered by Jon Markson (jon.markson at gmail dot com) at the Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Album art by Jason Ruff (



all rights reserved


Dizzy Bats New York, New York

Dizzy Bats is a New York City Pop Punk band started in the summer of 2011. Influenced by punk outfits out of the late 90s and early 2000s, they use power chords over heavily-picked basslines and infectious melodies as a vehicle for fun, energetic, Power Pop. Dizzy Bats boast an honest reflection on times past and the everyday angst that comes with being a twentysomething. ... more

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Track Name: Girls
Here in California
I stepped in paranoia
And twisted my ankle thinking of you

I don't remember saying
This girl will end up paying
Her whole life to the cause of bride and groom

These shows make it all better
Alive in this great weather
Though I can't help but scold the setting sun

I wish that I could just not think about girls, in general
Prioritize my life with dreams and hopes, drugs and chemicals
Don't think it's love or infatuation, just insecurity
Convince myself that it's a lonely phase and fear of commitment

I'll step in the Pacific
And drown myself in linens
Then suffocate the sadness from this dream

You'll walk right up this mountain
Your steps I will be counting
I'll trip and fall and roll back down to earth
(and you'll start running away)

It's not one it's two or three
Another day another she
Those New York nights I fantasize
Or Philadelphia trips, I can't decide
Track Name: East End
Little girl, why don't you call out to Jersey City
Just a train to separate
This filthy river
Think she could swim
Across to him
He'd sink to Hell
She'd float on right back towards herself

On this side I have it all with notes and love and laughter
I still long for the East End and 82nd
Does she still cry
Through jealous eyes
Does she still drink
Through bottled wine and shattered glass

Why couldn't you just wait here
And count up all the times you scared me
I wish that I could take it back

I'll wonder if you're lonely
And sort it out when I'm in therapy
Just to start it all again

Record these songs just to escape
From the thoughts she stars in
Reality is cast aside
No time for sadness

What says the shrink
About these dreams
Let's write them down
In the form of a song and ask

Why are there tears
Almost been a year and I know
I'm better off without you here

I hope that you hear these three words from me
I apologize for the nights you'd weep
I was so obsessed with those Brooklyn lights
Forgot what you meant to me I lied
Track Name: I'm Drunk, She's Sober
Welcome back to New York City
It's been two years since we kissed
Became a man started a band to name a few things that you missed
I've been waiting for the right time to confess my apathy
Instead I pulled her close to me and asked her back into my life

I know that we were nervous then and a little bit freaked out
Should we relax, are we in love, not sure what's to worry about
She looked down deep into my eyes, her arms around my neck
Pushed me away, not today, close the door on your way out now

I walked on home that night with nothing more than fist to bite and waited for your call

I'm drunk and she's sober
I'm young but still older than her
She's living and I'm dying from all this time inside my mind

Welcome back to New York City
Can't believe it's been six months
Since I declared this love affair
For you to shove it down my throat

Girl I want you, girl I need you
To invade my solitude
Use me then I'll use you
Throw us out for something new

Must we over think and wonder
Why not have a little fun
She said I'm fucked up and I can't talk
And I don't know who to trust

I left it felt so wrong not knowing what she saw that fall
That scared her all away

To my girl and secret love, you probably think this song is scum
It's never been so clear, realized my greatest fear
You'll go to settle down, replace me for that wedding gown
And I'll nod and shake his hand
Never ask what could have been
And I think what bothers me is that while you have set me free
Lost the bond, one to mend
Voice of reason, loyal friend
And I'll miss you less each year
Want to now make sure you hear
Final word, current state
Tell you one last time, you're great
Track Name: Grandad
85 and still alive but might as well be gone
I do forget that you exist in this forsaken and forgiving world
I hear you preach, and I've watched you teach
But where's my lesson learned
All those birthday cards you sent do not redeem this relationship

These past seven years
I drank the tears
From the night you flipped the car
All of your kids could not imagine how their lives would be turned upside down
When you were sick
I'd reminisce
Of precious grandson times
All that I could see were stories of that infamous and fateful night

Forgive, forget says that strong man you call your boss
But it's hard to practice what you do preach
And now I'm drinking, wondering where our time has gone
I guess I'll walk your talk, accept your apology

When I heard you passed
There was no such gasp
Or tears to fill my cup
Just this pit of guilt and anger towards myself for my own apathy
I tried to cry and say goodbye
For my old man and his four kin
We'll be just fine, we'll do our time
Until we meet again in negligence
Track Name: Panic Attacks
Heard that you're already hitched because you cannot drive
Another man, a brand new job lead you to bluer skies
All I can do is hold you tightly in my right hand
So I'll toss and turn and scratch and bleed until my pillow stains

Never thought I'd be the one to call myself depressed
My friends all suck, and exes fucked by other, richer men
I'll call on you to guide me through this dark and twisted path
But you're preoccupied screwing other guys I'm so mad at God knows what

I am so sick of losing air
Panic attacks, shortness of breath, I'm just so scared

They all think I'm full of shit
My life is not so bad
So why am I still locked inside
These dried out eyes I have
Can't help but feel that all I have are songs on this guitar
I'd pick it up smash it to the floor if it'll let me fucking breathe
Track Name: The City
Night time in my parents house, feeling like that mouse
Trapped in his little cell
Strapped in and I think back to, all the friends that drew that house we built
Two years out and there's still times I fear
That you're still here
Because I feel dead
Weight loss that I never had, look this mirror's sad
I'll just write this song

Write this song like nothing's wrong

New York for the city life, not to meet my wife
But for those one nights
Instead all the weekends brought were these travel costs and Taco Bell
But who am I to cry these stupid eyes, out of these precious lies
I still feel as though I lost my way, such a dumb cliche
I'll just write this song

How will I know that she
Is fat and happy
How will I know that I
Can feel this burning
From every show and every girl
From every fucking business ploy
I can't take this dream anymore
Track Name: Willis Ave
25 and I'm high off this paper cut
Bleeding through my lip
What happened to the days I'd smoke my breath
Drown my wits
Now I play this card, try to call it fun
I'll put a smile on
Six chicks, five guys and I'm bored to
Tears of do not give a shit

24 and I'm poor off this salary and city dreams
Still she walks, never talks through my dirty mind
Girl take your time
I'll call her up then we'll meet down in Union Square
Pretend that I don't care
Settle tab, call a cab, rinse, wash, and dry
I've become that nice guy

Out of the three I like you best today
Recall all the fairy tales from the year 2008
Since we are older now
Let's drink back to the nights on Willis ave.

Cut the cord, shut the door who's 21
Or with fake ID
Park up top, set it up, lay the table down
Leave your keys

Come here girl, we're so in love, baby spend the night
And then we'll wake up dead
Next to me and not a worry of
Life and her false innocence

I'm not so old that I can't still remember love
Born in this here suburbia

And even though we do forget the friends we've lost
This road we'll never cross
Track Name: Therapy Dreams
How do I fall asleep now
I whisper to myself
Unlock the door and keep drowning

Cut this pill say it's natural
It takes me right away
Into these dreams of ex lovers

And I'm tripping

Start to crawl on back and I spread my arms to receive you
Hold you close through the midnight
'Till I wake up in a sweat

Keep me down don't shake me out of this dark fantasy
It's all that I have to live out these fucked up therapy dreams

In this world you're still smilin'
Begging for my touch
Up through your hair and in daylight

Close my eyes and you're layin'
Down inside my head
Your body's just as warm as
The times I found us on your bed

Take me in
Don't wake me up
Track Name: Aphrodite
My anchor
No longer
Six nights to the day, said I couldn't stay
Thank Jesus

Tie off my IV
Give me my morphine
Please trip me away, tumble down to her place
Hello Jesus

Hear my cry get me out
Of this dark walkabout
Down this road tonight to land this laid over flight
Thanks to all who stayed on board
We're going home

I miss her
Long to kiss her
It's only been weeks, since that day we did meet
Still can't shake this

My Aphrodite, will you write me?
No need for balloons or a large teddy bear
Just sound waves

I take, you give, I refuse hope
Press once, press twice, my angel's time
And see your light face 'cause I'm drowse and weak
Was this due to my dark, hasty delight?