Girls 7"

by Dizzy Bats

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When I was on tour this past summer (2013), my buddy Grumpus came down with a fierce fever and we were "forced" to stay in California for a few extra days and cancel some shows. During that time, I wrote the song "Girls", and so began that journey. I am so pleased with how these recordings came out and it could not have happened without the amazing job of our producer and engineer, Kyle Joseph. Many thanks to him as well as the rest of DIzzy Bats, Dave and Eric, for laying down and putting out these dope tracks. Enjoy.



released March 25, 2014

Dizzy Bats (
Connor Frost :: Vocals / Guitars / Organ
David Castillo :: Bass
Eric Segerstrom :: Drums
Kyle Joseph :: Guitars

Songs written by Connor Frost
Recorded at Cowboy Technical in Brooklyn, NY
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Kyle Joseph (
Tracks mastered by Jon Markson ( at the Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Album art by Andrea Scharf (



all rights reserved


Dizzy Bats New York, New York

Dizzy Bats is a New York City Pop Punk band started in the summer of 2011. Influenced by punk outfits out of the late 90s and early 2000s, they use power chords over heavily-picked basslines and infectious melodies as a vehicle for fun, energetic, Power Pop. Dizzy Bats boast an honest reflection on times past and the everyday angst that comes with being a twentysomething. ... more

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Track Name: Girls
Here in California
I stepped in paranoia
And twisted my ankle thinking of you

I don't remember saying
This girl will end up paying
Her whole life to the cause of bride and groom

These shows make it all better
Alive in this great weather
Though I can't help but scold the setting sun

I wish that I could just not think about girls, in general
Prioritize my life with dreams and hopes, drugs and chemicals
Don't think it's love or infatuation, just insecurity
Convince myself that it's a lonely phase and fear of commitment

I'll step in the Pacific
And drown myself in linens
Then suffocate the sadness from this dream

You'll walk right up this mountain
Your steps I will be counting
I'll trip and fall and roll back down to earth
(and you'll start running away)

It's not one it's two or three
Another day another she
Those New York nights I fantasize
Or Philadelphia trips, I can't decide
Track Name: Grandad
85 and still alive but might as well be gone
I do forget that you exist in this forsaken and forgiving world
I hear you preach, and I've watched you teach
But where's my lesson learned
All those birthday cards you sent do not redeem this relationship

These past seven years
I drank the tears
From the night you flipped the car
All of your kids could not imagine how their lives would be turned upside down
When you were sick
I'd reminisce
Of precious grandson times
All that I could see were stories of that infamous and fateful night

Forgive, forget says that strong man you call your boss
But it's hard to practice what you do preach
And now I'm drinking, wondering where our time has gone
I guess I'll walk your talk, accept your apology

When I heard you passed
There was no such gasp
Or tears to fill my cup
Just this pit of guilt and anger towards myself for my own apathy
I tried to cry and say goodbye
For my old man and his four kin
We'll be just fine, we'll do our time
Until we meet again in negligence