Willis Ave. 7"

by Dizzy Bats

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Here's to the 914.


released June 24, 2014

Dizzy Bats (www.dizzybatsmusic.com)
Connor Frost :: Vocals / Guitars
David Castillo :: Bass
Eric Segerstrom :: Drums
Kyle Joseph :: Guitars

Songs written by Connor Frost
Recorded at Cowboy Technical in Brooklyn, NY
Engineered, produced, and mixed by Kyle Joseph (kylegjoseph@gmail.com)
Tracks mastered by Jon Markson (jon.markson@gmail.com) at the Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Album art by Christina Colombo (www.ccolombo.com)



all rights reserved


Dizzy Bats New York, New York

Dizzy Bats is a New York City Pop Punk band started in the summer of 2011. Influenced by punk outfits out of the late 90s and early 2000s, they use power chords over heavily-picked basslines and infectious melodies as a vehicle for fun, energetic, Power Pop. Dizzy Bats boast an honest reflection on times past and the everyday angst that comes with being a twentysomething. ... more

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Track Name: Willis Ave.
25 and I'm high off this paper cut
Bleeding through my lip
What happened to the days I'd smoke my breath
Drown my wits
Now I play this card, try to call it fun
I'll put a smile on
Six chicks, five guys and I'm bored to
Tears of do not give a shit

24 and I'm poor off this salary and city dreams
Still she walks, never talks through my dirty mind
Girl take your time
I'll call her up then we'll meet down in Union Square
Pretend that I don't care
Settle tab, call a cab, rinse, wash, and dry
I've become that nice guy

Out of the three I like you best today
Recall all the fairy tales from the year 2008
Since we are older now
Let's drink back to the nights on Willis ave.

Cut the cord, shut the door who's 21
Or with fake ID
Park up top, set it up, lay the table down
Leave your keys

Come here girl, we're so in love, baby spend the night
And then we'll wake up dead
Next to me and not a worry of
Life and her false innocence

I'm not so old that I can't still remember love
Born in this here suburbia

And even though we do forget the friends we've lost
This road we'll never cross
Track Name: Therapy Dreams
How do I fall asleep now
I whisper to myself
Unlock the door and keep drowning

Cut this pill say it's natural
It takes me right away
Into these dreams of ex lovers

And I'm tripping

Start to crawl on back and I spread my arms to receive you
Hold you close through the midnight
'Till I wake up in a sweat

Keep me down don't shake me out of this dark fantasy
It's all that I have to live out these fucked up therapy dreams

In this world you're still smilin'
Begging for my touch
Up through your hair and in daylight

Close my eyes and you're layin'
Down inside my head
Your body's just as warm as
The times I found us on your bed

Take me in
Don't wake me up